Solar Power

It's not just good PR, it's good business - maximize your savings and ROI.

Automation that works
as hard as you do.

Drastically reduce demand charges with intelligent HVAC and Lighting.


Holistic Approach to Efficiency

We take a holistic approach, creating a custom solution focused on your property’s energy profile, combined with affordable financing options.





The EcoForce Energy Assessment

Our Efficiency Experts will assess all aspects of your property’s efficiency profile including electricity, thermal envelope, gas and water. The assessment takes less than an hour and we will create a customized blueprint with high ROI recommendations to help you reduce costs and increase the value of your property.

Solar Power

Solutions designed to hit your bottom line immediately and maximize your return on investment.


Get control of your property’s heating, air conditioning, lighting and water to increase comfort while reducing operating costs.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling can makeup a huge portion of your operating costs, yet most systems are running about half of their rated efficiency.

LED Lighting

Lighting is responsible for >30% of your energy costs – 90% of the energy incandescents use goes to heat while only 10% generates light.

Windows & Doors

Control excessive heat gain & sun glare through existing windows of retail stores, office buildings and commercial properties.


Prevent wasteful water use and take advantage of government programs to install new technologies that will make your property more water efficient and drought resilient.

$0 Out of Pocket?

Cashflow is King for any business. Our financial tools allow you to realize the benefits of efficiencies and solar with $0 out of pocket while achieving significant year 1 savings.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Pre-Paid Lease (PPL)
Property Assessed Solutions (PACE)
Term Loans up to 20 years


Investing in efficiencies and solar means investing in the future of your business. You will reduce operating cost and lock in energy costs for years to come.


Significantly increase your net operating income (NOI) and increase the value of your properties while increasing guest comfort and achieving corporate sustainability goals.


Industrial customer needs are unique with demand costs driving the majority of your bills. Our holistic approach of efficiencies + solar delivers the highest ROI for your business.

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