For homes with central furnaces, air conditioners, or heat pumps, the heated or cooled air is carried to the different rooms in your home through a duct system. To create the duct system, ducts are connected to other sections of duct and then to the registers for the rooms. Ducts are often are hidden in the attic, crawlspace and walls where they may or may not be insulated properly.

Thus, in addition to 20% of heating and cooling costs typically being lost through leaky ducts (where they connect to each other, where they connect to the room registers, and damage caused by age or during home repairs), another 10-30% of heating and cooling costs are typically lost through uninsulated ducts, especially when they pass through unconditioned spaces such as your attic or crawlspace. (Imagine, for example, a duct carrying 55 degree cooled air through a 130-degree attic in the summer. In that scenario the system must work very hard to keep the rooms cool!) (Energy Savers)

To check if there are any incentives or rebates available for this product in your area, please visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).

Minimum Requirements

  1. Duct insulation value must be ≥ R-6.
  2. Duct insulation must meet Title 24 requirements.