Wall Insulation

After attic insulation, wall insulation is the next most popular and effective place to put insulation when it comes to increasing the energy efficiency of your home. While there are many types of insulation available for walls, existing homes with finished walls require certain types of insulation that do not involve removing the interior drywall or the exterior siding. One possible option that does not require removing the walls involves creating small holes in the walls, blowing in loose fill or spray foam insulation, and then patching and painting afterward. (Energy Savers)

To check if there are any incentives or rebates available for this product in your area, please visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).

Minimum Requirements

  1. Wall insulation product must be installed to a total R-value ≥ 13 to full framing cavity depth, or the total equivalent wall assembly U-factor ≤ 0.1.
  2. Insulation must be installed per Title 24 Quality Insulation Installation standards.